Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Follow Up

Ivy had her post surgery visit with the ENT today. All is good. He said her ears looked beautiful and let me look through the otoscope. I said they looked gross, but he's the professional. We have to go back every six months to make sure they are still in place and are working well. He told me he put in t-tubes, which stay in place longer than the other type of tube that is typically used. Actually, they sometimes have to be removed, but if that happens it is an in office procedure. I am ecstatic that this surgery has helped to make Ivy a healthier child.

We also went to Marianne's for dinner tonight. She invited us, as well as her sister and her two kids over for dinner. Her sister's husband has class Wednesday nights, so we were all "single moms" for the night. Cooper, Laura's son, will be one on Thanksgiving. He is already walking and looks like the cutest old man you have ever seen. I loved watching him and Ivy interacting. It was a very enjoyable evening.

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