Saturday, July 30, 2005

One little tooth

Today was the first day you could actually see Ivy's tooth. Her first little tooth is just peeking out from under her gum. I thought she was going to wait forever to start getting teeth! Just one more sign my little girl isn't going to be a baby forever.....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Growing every day

It's amazing how quick things change in the life of a baby. Today was a huge day for Ivy. She had three major "events" in her little life.

- She's been toying with the idea of standing without holding on to something. When Ivy and I go to wake Nathan up every day at 3, we lay in bed for awhile and she acts like we are her personal jungle gym. For the past few days she's been pushing up on him, standing for about a second and a half, then falling on her butt. She thinks this is by far the coolest game she's learned yet. Well, today she was standing by Kyle and he let go of her and she stood by herself for a good five seconds. Won't be long now.......

- Ladies and gentlemen, we have a hole! No teeth yet, but you can really really see where one is coming. I thoroughly believe that will be any day now, too. Maybe she is waiting to hit 11 months first. She's only got 8 days left until that milestone.

- I -think- she said her first word today. She's been babbling for what seems like forever, and she says mama and dada and things of that nature. It sounds like she says hi, but I've never been as convinced as I was today that she says these things on purpose. Kyle was playing with Ivy in the living room. Right after he got her to stand up like I mentioned above, he looked and her and said "WOW!" She looked up at him and made her little lips into a little circle and said "wow" right back. She worked so hard to form her lips just right to make the right sounds that I really think she knew what she was doing. She still won't say it every time you want her to, and a lot of times she keeps going and it turns into wowowowowowow, but I still think I will put this one in the baby book.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Who needs sleep?

Today, Ivy decided that naps are for sissies. Her morning nap lasted about a half hour, and her afternoon nap.... well, that one didn't happen at all. I put her in bed about a half an hour ago, and I'm crossing my fingers that that is where she will stay for the rest of the night.

On a separate note, took her back to the doctor yesterday..... her ears are still pink, but no longer have puss in them, so they look like they are clearing up. She has an appointment on August 8th with the ENT.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Darn ears

All through vacation, Ivy was still tugging on her ears. She figured out that her cute little finger fits exactly in her ear, too. Anyway, I figured she still had her ear infections, so on the way home from Cleveland Monday afternoon, I called the ped. They said to go ahead and bring her in and low and behold, both ears are still infected. Now she is on Augmentin again and Nathan and I have decided to call a different ENT and make an appointment. I just can't see the sense in letting her keep suffering.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Doctor's visit

Since I am very late in posting this, I am just copying a post I sent to my Mommies group about Ivy's appointment on July 11th.

Ivy had a doctor's appointment. She's been super fussy, running a low grade fever, has a snot nose. Could it be teething? Could it be nothing? Had to check it out before we leave for "vacation" Wednesday. So I took her in and what is it, ladies????? Ear infection in both ears. My poor baby girl!! This is her 5th (or 6th?) one. She's had two that were really persistent, too. Dr. Amy said we'll see how this one goes (if it sticks around or clears up quick) and if it's hard to clear or she gets another one, she would definitely reconsider the ENT.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

More Finger Food

Ivy is getting to be a pro at this whole eating thing. Today for lunch she had a biter biscuit and some frozen carrots I cooked in the microwave. Here she is during her "meal". Needless to say, Daddy gave her a shower this afternoon.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy 4th of July

Today we went to Darlene's annual 4th of July party. It was a lot of fun seeing a lot of friends I just don't see often enough anymore. Ivy got to wear her new patriotic dress... she also got to meet some itty bitty kitties. She absolutely LOVES animals, and the cats were no exception. Darlene and Dennis put on a fantastic fireworks show, as usual. Ivy lso ate crackers.... she really liked them and wanted everyone else to see this as well. :o)

Ivy eating a cracker... she really wanted to let everyone know she was enjoying it

Erin showing Ivy one of the kittens

Ivy in her patriotic duds

Gone bananas

Well, I finally did it... I gave Ivy table food. I've been putting it off and putting it off, and honestly, I'm still scared she is going to choke, but yesterday she had most of a banana for lunch. It was so fun to watch. She had a hard time picking the pieces up because they were so mushy, so she'd try to pick one up and when she couldn't get it, she'd just move on to the next one until she found one she could grasp. I probably won't be trying much else for a little bit, but I'm proud of myself for this banana (and proud of Ivy, too, of course!)