Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Very Jammies Christmas

All that preperation and it's over.

Ivy spent the day in her pajamas. The whole day, travel and all. She isn't feeling well, and honestly, either am I.

Nathan's parents came for dinner Sunday night. It was nice. I love cooking for company.... I don't understand why I find that enjoyable but loathe cooking dinner every night. I made a ham, broccoli and cauliflower casserole, wilted spinach salad and a chocolate pie for dessert. Yum.

Christmas Eve was very uneventful. I did go to church at 11pm.... it was different than the service at the church in Brecksville, but still nice. The sermon actually made me tear up. The pastor was talking about having a place to belong and not shutting people out. It was moving to me.

Christmas morning -- the best one yet. Ivy is so into the whole Santa thing, it makes me smile just thinking about it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Susie and Jack

While we were in Cleveland last weekend, Ivy started calling my sister Suzie. She's had an obsession with the Laurie Berkner Band lately, and I think the nickname came from this obsession, but I can't quite tell. Jessica, in an effort to call Ivy something silly in retaliation, began calling her Jack.

I find the whole thing absolutely adorable. For the longest time, Jessica was convinced that Ivy didn't like her, as many times as I tried to explain that Ivy didn't know her. Now they are quite the pair, bickering like an old married couple and coming up with loving pet names like Suzie and Jack. I love it.

Jessica hates this picture, but it's all I could find when I googled her. Any resemblance? Perhaps slightly.

ETA: Jessica made me change her picture. She contributed this one.