Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

It's over! Ivy had a fantastic time.... we went in our neighborhood, just us, for the first time. We've always gone with Brandi and her boys, but that didn't come to fruition this year. Our neighborhood is actually really good for trick or treating, though. We started out on our street.... at the end of the block, Ivy took off running, tripped and slid across the asphalt. A nice lady saw it happen and took us back to her house, since she lived closer than us to the "scene". She got paper towels and ice so I could wipe the blood off of Ivy's face and try to stop it from swelling. Her husband let Ivy pick her own candy from the bowl. Of course, Ivy wanted nothing to do with the paper towels or the ice, but I got her cleaned up pretty well. She kept on trucking. We made it up and down several streets and back to our house around 7:15. Now we are holed up in the basement so no one rings our bell. :) Here's the "after" picture of her bloody lip.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Moonlight Meanderings

We went to the zoo tonight for a special program called Moonlight Meanderings. Basically, they let you in the zoo after closing and you get to see some animals sleeping and see the animals that are nocturnal and are usually sleeping when you are visiting. We ran with wolves (next to the cage) to see if they followed us... they did. We also got "stalked" by a tiger. It's amazing to see the animals exhibit their instinctual characteristics. Sometimes I forget that they are wild animals and not just big pets in cages.

Ivy enjoyed herself thoroughly. I think she may have been a little young for the information, but she made a littel friend. One of the librarians from the branch closest to us was their with her family and we were chatting. Ivy latched on to Mick, her son and they held hands for the evening. Very cute. Ivy also got to touch a gi-normous centipede, a dead bat, a guinea pig, a tiger skin and an elephant foot. Definitely a great experience.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Long Awaited

First thing first. I started a new blog to showcase my crafts so I don't clog things up here. I plan on taking pictures of the things I make for work as well as for Ivy, although lately it's all been for Ivy. I am loving my sewing machine!! Anyway, check it out at Bookmark it. Leave comments. Whatever. :)

So.... what you've all been waiting for.... an update. I don't even know where to start, so I guess I'll just go. Forgive me if this turns out disorganized.

Ivy is really growing up. Physically, she looks like a five year old, I swear. At her three year check at the beginning of September, she was about 41" and 42 pounds. That's off the growth charts, but still on her curve. She's always been a big girl. She's wearing a 5T, though.... just seems so big to me! We were reading the book I made her shortly after she was born today and I teared up... she was just so little.

Intellectually, she is growing up, too. I don't even know what to work on with her anymore. She knows pretty much everything I taught my preschoolers, so now I'm stumped. She does like to work in workbooks, and I want to set up a "homeschooling" corner somewhere in the house. I don't necessarily plan to homeschool (although it's something that I plan on researching) I believe that everyone with a toddler or preschooler is homeschooling every day. At this age, children are constantly learning and absorbing. I want to keep more materials in the house that can help her in that journey. I also really want to have an art nook somewhere in the house. She got an awesome easel for her birthday and we don't really have a "home" for it yet, so it is being neglected. I feel bad about that, because I know she loves the thing. She loves to create.

Speaking of, she is still very creative. Right now, she is sitting behind me just chit chatting with a bunch of toys. I believe her new kitty is going ice skating if I heard her correctly. :) She loves playing pretend with her stuffed animals and My Little Ponies.... and her hands and discarded papers and anything else she can give a voice to. She is rarely, rarely quiet. My dad says that's karma.

Oh gosh, now she is singing Veggietales songs.... adorable.

We go to story time at the library every Wednesday. She loves Mr. Eric, the librarian. She is normally really well behaved there and has a little friend, Molly, that we usually sit by. Thursdays she has "dancing school." It is adorable. Right now she is in the Star class, which is a combination tap/tumbling/creative movement. She looks forward to dance class and Miss Michelle all week. It's a very good motivator as well.... "Ivy, if you don't start listening you can't go see Miss Michelle!" Works every time. Here's a picture of Ivy before her first class.

I'm really trying to be the mom I wanted to be since she was born. I wanted to be the mom who did things, who went to story time and music class and had playgroups. Instead, I've struggled with a lot of things. Some things I think were always a part of me (the sloppiness) but a lot had to do with depression. Things are improving around here, from Ivy and I getting out of the house, to me keeping things nicer. I'm proud of myself, and hope I can keep things the way they are. I love Ivy too much to not give her the kind of childhood she deserves.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quick post

I hear it all the time from multiple sources that I don't update here anymore. And I know, I don't. And I need to. But it's not going to be right now.

Right now, I am just going to share a couple pictures of Ivy in her Halloween outfit/costume. Super cute out fit by day..... add a cape, broom and hat and it's a witch costume for trick or treating at night! Ta da!