Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day three - we have pee!!

This afternoon, Ivy peed next to the potty, on the step stool we have in front of the sink so she can brush her teeth and stuff. This also included peeing on the roll of toilet paper that was sitting on the stool. Did I mention this is directly next to the potty? I was pissed (no pun intended). I put Ivy in a time out for four minutes (a full minute longer than normal, so you can tell I was mad, lol). After she was done with time out, I talked to her about how it's not okay to pee on the floor and pee belongs in the potty. If she puts her pee on the floor, she's going to have a time out. She understood.

I know that might seem harsh (it sounds harsh when I read it back) but I really feel that she isn't having accidents.... she's choosing not to pee on the potty. So I was trying to give her incentive, ya know?

So, a couple hours later, I was cooking supper. Ivy came into the kitchen whining that there were no diapers. So I said "well, go sit on the potty then," and reminded her what would happen if she peed on the floor. SO SHE PEED IN THE POTTY. Completely on her own then ran back into the kitchen to tell me about it.

There were a couple messes after that, but I really feel this is the beginning of the end of diapers. I can't freaking wait.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another First

Ivy had her first "manicure" today. Every time I have ever tried to paint her nails, she flips out. She's ASKED to have her nails painted and then freaked out. Today she told me that she changed her mind and she likes nail polish. So I gave it a try and lo and behold, we have matching nails. I will get a picture later.

Oh, and happy birthday to me! We are going out to dinner and bowling with Ken and Lisa.

Yesterday's final score.... three pees on my floor, no pees in the potty. Today.... one pee on the floor so far. Sigh.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Operation: For crying outloud, you are too huge to wear diapers!

After seeing Dr. Amy a couple of months ago, I had backed off the whole potty learning thing. We had talked, and decided that Ivy is stubborn and will do the potty in her own sweet time. Well, fast forward to now and I am just so sick of this!! Her diapers are getting too small and they don't MAKE them bigger. They leave marks on her sometimes. She's almsot four years old, for crying outloud and there's SO many things she can't do because she doesn't use the potty. Something has got to give.

So, the new plan is to just not wear diapers (at home) any more. Tomorrow is my birthday and we are going out for supper and probably bowling, so she will have to wear a diaper then, but after that.... we will stay homebound until dance next Thursday and just wear all those cool new underwear we picked out. Ivy keeps saying, "Mommy, are you making me wear underpants again today?" What a turd.

Today's count so far - 2 pees on the floor, no pees in the potty.