Monday, January 28, 2008

Mini Me

Well, not mini me, but mini Aunt Jessie.

Ivy loves helping Aunt Jessie get ready to go out. She watches Jess do her hair and put on her makeup (or as Ivy calls it, "frosting") and the Jessica lets Ivy put on a little makeup, too. Last weekend, Ivy really liked Jessica's earrings, so she took the two bracelets that were sitting on the counter and made her own earrings. They could be twins, no?

(Definitely click the picture to see the big version.... it's way cuter!)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Three Year Old Logic

My friend Lisa is pregnant. She's due February 20th, so she's getting pretty big. When baby comes, and Lisa goes back to work, I will be watching the baby, so I've been starting to talk to Ivy about babies and how to treat them. She knows there is a baby in Lisa's tummy.

Tonight, the baby was rolling around a lot... you could see it if you looked at Lisa's stomach. Lisa was showing Ivy where to put her hands to feel the baby move. Ivy, of course, lifted Lisa's shirt numerous times to see the baby. Then, the best quote ever:

"Let's squeeze it really hard and see if the baby pops out!!"

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Smart ass

Pardon the language, but there just isn't a more appropriate title for this post.

This afternoon Ivy and I went out to lunch. While we were waiting for dessert (lucky girl that she is) we were playing I Spy. You know.... "I spy with my little eye, something [insert color here]."

Fast forward to bed time. Ivy picked out a book, hopped into bed and announced we needed to play I Spy before reading Burger Boy. The following conversation ensued:

Mommy: I spy with my little eye something..... [pause]
Ivy: RED!!!
M: Okay, I spy with my little eye, something red.
I: Your zits!!!! Your zits are red, Mommy! They are really really red.

Thanks, kid. Way to stomp my self esteem.