Monday, September 25, 2006

On my own

This weekend, I went to Mom's house without Ivy. This is one of very few times that I have spent the night without her. I think the only other times this has happened were the two trips I took to visit Nathan in Oklahoma and the weekend I went to Cincinnati for a bowling tournament.

The difference in this trip was that Nathan was the one taking care of Ivy, not one of her grandmas. I don't know why, but this actually made me miss her more. Like I was missing out on some special, private family time that I will never get back. From the reports, they played all day both days, which must have been fun for Ivy. I really felt like she probably didn't even miss me.

But alas, she did. You should have seem the little booger when I got home last night. I opened the door and she said, "Mommy's home!" and ran as fast as her little feet could carry her through the living room, dining room and kitchen and grasped my knees in a big bear hug. She probably gave me at least five more ginormous hugs before we fell asleep in the big bed together that night.

It's good to know you are missed. And loved.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Is it a full moon?

Ivy has been so different lately. It's not all bad things, just not her usual way of being.
  • Anything having to do with sleep is evil. Nap time? Screaming for at least a half hour sounds like fun. Bedtime? See above. I hate letting her cry. It rips me apart. But I just don't know what else to do. I think that Operation Toddler Bed is commencing. It's the only change I can think to make.
  • She is a little OCD with some of her toys. For example, I bought her the Fisher Price Little People Palace probably six months ago and she hasn't touched it. Yesterday, she played with it. All. Day. Long. She played with the king who came with it. She drove a fire truck and train in and out. It didn't matter what she was doing, as long as she was playing with that pink castle. Oh, and it had to be on the couch. She spewed fire if I tried to put it on the floor. Today, she has been carrying around a bucket of "people" all day. A little pink bucket I have tried to contain her Weebles and Little People in seems to be super glued to her palm. Once again, it doesn't matter what she is doing with said people, as long as she is playing with them on the couch.
  • Eating is always a surprise. I know this is a typical toddler-ism, but one day she'll only eat hot dogs (she literally had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner once... I couldn't get her to eat anything else) and the next day she declares, "No like it!
Seriously, is it a full moon? I know life with a toddler is adventuresome, but one mommy can only handle so much.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cute story of the day

This story is far better in person, but typing it out will have to do.

I was on the phone with Brandi earlier. Ivy was cooking in her kitchen, and I was sitting at her table, eating whatever concoction she served. Under my breath, I said to Brandi, "God, she is too damned cute!"

Ivy solomnly looked at me, slowly nodded, and whispered, "yes."

(The picture is from 9/9/06, at Alex's birthday party. Ivy was taking the first swing at the pinata. I think the look on her face is priceless!)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Really a toddler

Look at that face. There is no denying that the girl is growing up.

Monday, September 04, 2006

24 months

Dear Ivy,
Yesterday you turned two. I was at Walmart doing a little shopping while you napped and the was a little girl in line behind me. I struck up a conversation with her mother, asking how old she was. I learned she was eighteen months and I responded that I have a little girl at home that turns two today. The lady came back with a comment that caught me off guard. She said I was pretty calm to be having my baby turn two. I was calm. It was nowhere near as dramatic for me as your last birthday. Maybe that's because every day with you is such a joy and an adventure that your birthday became just another day. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. I think it just means that every day is special to me and I cherish it. I don't need it to be a birthday to realize how lucky I am and how special you are.

I don't know how it's possible, but I think toddlers must know when they turn two. It was like a switch flipped and you went into terrible two mode today. Hopefully it was just an anomily and won't be an every day occurence. You are usually so fun. You repeat everything we say, so you've helped me clean up my language. You always have so much to sayand are, at times, really bossy. "Play, mommy." "Mommy. Sit. Couch." You have always known exactly what you want and expect everyone to accomadate that. That hasn't changed. At times it's frustrating and downright annoying to not be able to do what -I- want, but I really can't complain. I have a beautiful little girl who wants me with her. It can't get better than that.

You still love to read stories. You are so smart! I know I am biased, but you really do seem advanced. You know all your colors, can count to somewhere in the teens, recognize the numbers 1-9, can say the alphabet and even recognize some letters. I should send a thank you note to Playhouse Disney and Nick Jr.

I have never been as happy as I am being able to stay home with you. It was the best decision I've made. Sometimes I miss interacting with adults, but the happiness you bring to me outweighs that ten fold. I can't wait to keep helping you grow and learn. I love you baby girl.


Friday, September 01, 2006

Random Thought

It is not the best idea to try to decorate a cake at midnight. Especially if you suck at doing it in the first place. I think my best option is to wait until morning, even if that means Ivy will be up to "help".