Monday, September 25, 2006

On my own

This weekend, I went to Mom's house without Ivy. This is one of very few times that I have spent the night without her. I think the only other times this has happened were the two trips I took to visit Nathan in Oklahoma and the weekend I went to Cincinnati for a bowling tournament.

The difference in this trip was that Nathan was the one taking care of Ivy, not one of her grandmas. I don't know why, but this actually made me miss her more. Like I was missing out on some special, private family time that I will never get back. From the reports, they played all day both days, which must have been fun for Ivy. I really felt like she probably didn't even miss me.

But alas, she did. You should have seem the little booger when I got home last night. I opened the door and she said, "Mommy's home!" and ran as fast as her little feet could carry her through the living room, dining room and kitchen and grasped my knees in a big bear hug. She probably gave me at least five more ginormous hugs before we fell asleep in the big bed together that night.

It's good to know you are missed. And loved.

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