Monday, November 14, 2005


Ivy's newest trick is blowing spit bubbles. She started doing this last weekend while we were in Erie. She was making this "mwah" sound, which I thought was just a cute new noise. I realized, though, that every time she does it, she blows a spit bubble. Very classy, I know. It's even classier when I do it, too.

I know I haven't posted pictures recently, so here's a couple somewhat recent ones to tide you over. This one is Ivy in her first cloth diaper.... the one that immediately caused a rash.

This one, I hope you can tell, is from Halloween. I dressed up in my old Ren Faire costume and Ivy was a dragon. I only got TWO pictures that night (I'm failing as a mother, do you remember all the pictures I got last Halloween??), so I'm hoping other people got cute ones, too.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fourteen Months

Ivy Lynn,
It's been a long time since Mommy has written on here. We've had a busy month! Daddy broke his foot and had to come home early and have surgery. He's fine, even though he acted like a big baby for awhile. You really enjoyed your week with Grandma. I think she enjoyed it more, though. You are so lucky to have a Grandma that loves you as much as she does. I can tell just by looking at her all the happiness you have brought into her life. Tomorrow we are leaving to go to Erie and visit your great-grandparents. See, I told you it's been busy.

You celebrated your second Halloween a few days ago. You helped pass out the candy. It amazed me how carefully you picked up just one piece of candy and dropped it in the trick-or-treaters bags. Some of the bigger kids with scary costumes scared you, though.

I just can't believe how fast you are growing up. The other day, I couldn't find you. I know that sounds horrible, but all the gates were up and the door to the stairs was closed, but you weren't where you normally are, in the living room playing. I looked in all the corners, and then started searching. You were in your room.... you had found your blocks and were making a tower. All by yourself. With no help. I didn't even know you could do that. It made me so happy that you are so smart and independent.... and so sad that you are growing up already and need me a little less every day.

You still aren't walking. I really think you could, you just don't want to. I know I've said that before, but that's really what I think. You've been standing by yourself more and more. You have finally realized that you can just turn around to get from the chair to the couch and that you don't have to sit down.... but you still haven't taken a step. I think as soon as you do, you won't stop.

You are very expressive. Even though you don't have many words yet, you find a way to get your point across. When you are in your highchair waiting for me to get your food, you yell (and I mean YELL) "MAAA" repeatedly, with the volume all the way up. I really think you are yelling at me. I keep trying to tell you I don't respond to anything but mommy or mama. None of this "Mom" stuff already. You have to call me Mommy until you are at least 4. I also think that you say "go" and "tickle." The tickle thing started as more of a "dicka-dicka-dicka" whenever Daddy would say "getcha getcha getcha." It sounds like "tickle" now, though. The cutest is when Daddy is sitting on the glider and you take his slipper off and grab his toes and say "tickle tickle tickle." A close runner up is when you tickle your own feet.

Oh, one more big thing this month. Mommy decided to start using cloth diapers for you. They are super cute, but you got a rash right away. We went back to disposables to give your bum a chance to heal, but Mommy did some research and we are going to give it another go next week.

Thank you for making every day an adventure..... and a gift.