Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Already obsessing over her butt......

Ivy loves butts. I try to convince her that it isn't called a butt, it's a doopah. I just don't like the word butt coming out of that beautiful face.... but she repeatedly says butt. She points out her butt when you are changing her diaper. She points out her butt at random times during the day. She even points out butts on TV and on her toys.

Today, she did the cutest thing, though. As much as I don't like her saying butt, I literally laughed out loud at this one.

She has a green bucket that was an Easter basket from Brandi. She wears it as a hat a lot of times and also likes to use it as a drum. Nathan was sitting on the glider and wanted to drum on it with her, so he said, "Ivy, bring me your bucket." She walked her diaper-clad booty over to him, turned around and smacked her bottom. "Butt! Butt!"

Tell me the kid isn't smart? Or absolutely adorable?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Twenty one months

Dear Ivy,
I can't believe how big you are getting. Soon you will be two... TWO. I just can't wrap my mind around that.

Cheryl and Andrew stopped over today while they were out walking their dog and Cheryl commented that you don't look like a baby anymore, but a toddler. I've thought that for awhile, but to hear someone else say it puts it into perspective. You are a little sponge, soaking up new things every day. Each day adds new words to your repatoire, new things for you to do. You love to watch Blue's Clues and even sing the words to some of the songs. Although I don't like that you watch it so much, it's a great way to bribe you to do things.

You dance all the time. You dance while you brush your teeth, you dance to music in the car or on TV. You make everything you do fun. You are also getting a little bit of an attitude, which you displayed often today. Not to point fingers, but I think you learn some of it while mommy is at work. For example, you say "mine" entirely too much. Not only do we always encourage you to share, but we never say that something is "mine", but say "That's Mommy's" or "That's Daddy's". I guess good things and bad things come from being around other kids.

Mommy only has four more days of work and then I will officially be at home with you. All. The. Time. I'm really excited to not miss anymore of your growing years, but I am also nervous that life will get too monotonous. With summer coming, I hope we will spend lots of time outside and at the park. I also want to see how you handle storytime at the library, and am considering investing in Kindermusik.

Well, pumpkin, Mommy loves you. Keep being such a doll.... you brighten my darkest days. You've helped show me why I'm here.