Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Wedding

The wedding is over.  Ivy was so excited, and I don't think the festivities disappointed her in the least.  There's actually a ton to blog about, but for now, I will put up the pictures my dear sweet sister took and leave it at that.  Well, that and Ivy's closing comment to my mom on Saturday..... "That was the best party EVER."

Ivy and Corrine walking down the aisle.  They did a fantastic, albeit sloooooow job.

Ivy on the steps outside of the church, after the service.  It was coooold.  You can't see it, but her dress is starting to rip.  By the end of the night, almost the whole skirt was ripped off the bodice.  Jordan Fashions is SO getting a strongly worded letter.

Ivy cheesing for Aunt Jessie.

Me and Andrea at the back of the church after the ceremony.  She looked so beautiful and perfect!

Me, after the ceremony.  I loved our dresses and our flowers.