Wednesday, February 09, 2005

couple things

first of all, jessica and pierre are coming friday! i am so excited for them and ivy to finally meet. of course, i am excited to see them too. ivy is asleep in her crib and i -should- be packing so we can leave tomorrow for cleveland. i'm sure i will have tons of pictures after this weekend.

i think i am calling the doctor tomorrow. ivy had been spitting up a lot, so i stopped with the solids for a couple of days. she didn't spit up at all yesterday or tuesday, so we gave her rice cereal this morning and all was fine. i was at deanna's tonight and ivy ate at 4pm. around 6pm, she spit up all over the place. that just seems weird to me.... too far away from the feeding, you know. plus she's been pulling on her ears, but that may just be because she -found- them, you know? but it could also be that there is something wrong.... she's always been a happy baby, even when sick. i figure better to be safe than sorry when we are leaving for cleveland tomorrow and while there the only option is the ER, you know?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

a little off

ivy has been plain old weird lately. the whole week gale was here, ivy's nap schedule was waaaaay off. this week her napping has gotten a lot better, but she is still really off at night. she has been sleeping through the night for awhile now, but lately she's been waking up either ready to play or really restless. she's never been overly dependant on the binky, but on those restless nights i pull her into bed with me so i can help hold the binky in because if it falls out their is some serious whining. i think the ready to play nights may be an issue of her seeing me next to her when she wakes up.... makes me think she is ready for her own room. unfortunatly, i am NOT ready for that change. i just don't feel safe having her downstairs and me upstairs with nathan gone all night.