Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Potty Time

I can vividly recall barging in on my mom in the bathroom all the time as a child. I guess it's just something kids do, and upon having a child, I accepted the fact that I would never again get to use the bathroom in peace. Little did I know exactly what was in store....

Last night I was using the bathroom before leaving for a staff meeting. I hadn't seen Ivy much all day, so I didn't protest when she followed me into the bathroom. She proceeded to get a single sheet of toilet paper off of the roll. "How cute," I thought, "she knows what the toilet paper is for." She then started to try to put the toilet paper in the toilet, with me still on it. At least, that's what I thought she was trying to do. She repeatedly shoved her little hand between my legs and I repeatedly coached her to put the paper in the potty. After six or seven times, I finally realized what she was actually trying to do was WIPE for me! I suppose she figures we do it for her, she might as well return the favor. Thanks, but no thanks, kid. I do think this is just one more sign that it's time to get a potty chair for her, though. I can't even fathom that she is old enough to start potty training, but the signs are there.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

New Knowledge

It seems like every day Ivy starts doing something new. A few days ago, I was reading her the Care Bears book she got from Grandpa and Grandma Bergkessel (is that what you guys want her to call you, Jan?) for Christmas. On the back of the book, it says "This book belongs to Ivy Lynn Ritchie." Of course, she wants us to read that page to her, too. Whenever we start reading, she starts pointing to herself. She knows that -she- is Ivy Lynn Ritchie and that the book is -hers-. I wonder when she will learn to say "mine." Then the fun will start.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sixteen Months

Dear Ivy,

Mommy's late again. I kept thinking about what to write and how I always write the same things.... that you are beautiful, intelligent and funny. Well, those really aren't horrible things to be, so I guess I shouldn't complain that I have to keep writing them!

You are growing up so much! Mommy got the Signing Time! videos out of the library so we could start trying to do sign language with you and you picked it up so quick!!! You can sign more, please, banana, cracker, bird, full and cheese. You also have your own sign for all done. Lately, though, you are starting to talk. I mean, you still jibber jabber -all- the time, but there are words thrown in there, too. Actually, to prove what a little overachiever you are, you are skipping to phrases pretty quickly. You say hello (which comes out as "hewwo" and is the most adorable thing in the world), puppy (or "duppy"), kitty, here ya go, uh-oh, thank you, go-go-go, mommy, daddy. You call Trina Na-na. It is so fascinating to watch your little mouth try to make words. It seems like every day you come up with something new. I have so many stories I should be writing on here for you....

You are walking EVERYWHERE now. You even kick it into turbo sometimes. You really need to start practicing for Brandi's wedding. I can't believe you are going to be a flower girl already! I'm not too sure you will actually make it to the alter, but I know you will look like a princess while attempting it. I can't believe how worried I was about the walking and talking thing. I just have to keep remembering that you are your own person already and you will do things on your own schedule.

I love you I love you I love you. Sometimes I get tears in my eyes just watching you.... I love watching you grow up, but miss the little baby you used to be. Every night I wonder what new and wonderful thing you will learn tomorrow...