Sunday, March 08, 2009


I have a post brewing in my head, but I need to post this story first, as I THINK it is the cause of the next post.  Clear as mud?  Okay then, just listen to the story.

About a month ago, Ivy and I went to Cici's.  As mentioned before, she always gets a toy out of the machines when we leave.  This particular trip, she got a bracelet that was made of little teddy bear beads, maybe half the size of your pinky nail, if that.  Teeny tiny.  In the car, she was pulling on it and snapped the elastic.  She was sad, but was okay once she realized she could play with the teddy bears.

I really thought nothing of it, as she is FOUR YEARS OLD and has never been a child that mouthed things a ton.  So we came home, I settled down to watch Guiding Light in Erin's room and she played in the living room.  Next thing I know, she's in Erin's room, saying she can't find the teddy bears because she swallowed them.


Apparently, she put them in this little horn that she has and was going to try to blow them out.  When she inhaled the big breath to then blow the bears out, she sucked them in instead and swallowed them.  She was soooo unbelievably upset.  I was worried she was going to die instantly of lead poisoning, being pieces of a  made-in-china-only-cost-a-quarter-bracelet had just been eaten.  I called some people for advice and we all concluded the bears would pass on their own.  So then I had to explain THAT to my child who actually said she was going to go puke so she could get the bears out.  

We had a brief anatomy lesson about small "intenines" and large "intenines" and Ivy learned that everything you eat comes out in your poop.  And then she asked me to get the bears out of her poop.  I politely declined, in case you were wondering.  I didn't think the teddy bears were worth it.  Were it my wedding ring, or a million dollars or something, I may have considered.  But not for two plastic teddy bears.


Susie said...

so where is the rest of the story?? I am tired of looking at prelude when i know you will never post the rest!!

Cathy said...

yes, I am patiently waiting for the follow-up post too! :-)

You have us all intrigued!!

Karly said...

So, uh, did your daughter dig through her poop to find them?